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34567Who We Are

Online sales of gaffers tape and audio visual supplies
Our home for valuable ideas for anyone involved in "hands on" production work
Leading forum for information and discussions related to wireless microphones
Your source for gaffers tape, batteries, cables and lots more


45677What We Do

Our library of animated "how to" videos
Our line of useful Twitter feeds on "how to" and money saving tips
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Discussions about the latest in wireless mic technology and use
Images and animations related to our products
Valuable Information About The Adhesive-backed Tape Industry
Support Site For Our E-Commerce Sales Site Thetapeworks.com
Blog postings for theatre technicians-All things gaffers tape
All the news that's fit to stick
Videos, animations and "how to" tips


34567What We Sell

Gaffers Tape, Duct Tape, Vinyl Tapes, Safety Tapes, Lots More
Duracell Procell Alkaline Batteries and Eneloop Rechargeable Batteries
Nylon Wire Ties, Velcro One Wrap Straps, Tie Line and Other Cable Management Products
Full Line of Microphone Stands and Accessories From OnStage Stands
Extension Cords and Accessories From Hosa, MiTee Cable & Entertainment One
Microphone Cables and Mic MultiCables From Hosa & MItee Cable
Speaker Cables and Accessories From MiTee Cable
Duracell Procell Flashlights and Task Lighting From Hosa
Online sales of gaffers tape and other production supplies
Pro Gaffer & Shurtape
Your Number One Source For PowerCon Power Cables With Genuine Neutrik Connectors


34567Specialty Product Sites

Tape products for flat track roller derby competition
Tape for construction of hexayurt shelters
Decorate hula hoops for fun or fitness
Tape supplies for climbing walls and centers
Tape as an artistic medium
Tape products for layout of robot competition arenas
Information and specifications for gaffers tape
Tape for temporary gym floor and volleyball court layout
Tape for labeling sound equipment and other electronic components
Tape for trade show displays and carpet installation
Tape for temporary dance floor installations




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Harrison Bros. Inc.-47 N. Chatham Parkway-Chapel Hill, NC 27517
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